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Scoop Jackson Molests Western Brush Wallabys

Oh Scoop I am just messing with you. I certainly am not seriously suggesting you are a marsupial toucher. That's just one of my things; a mini-schtick if you will. I accuse people who irk me or molesting kangaroos and such. It's an absurd notion, and I have soft place in my heart for absurdity. It helps keep me sane.

But while the schtick is mine, the idea to use a Western Brush Wallaby is not. That was suggested by a commenter named Seth who has his own basketball blog. See that little underline thingie? That's called a link. You should try using those!

Like when you totally ripped off YAYSports yesterday! That would have been a good time to use a link, instead of referring to a "web site." Of course by now that's been edited, but the initial lack of a link is not the problem.

The problem is that you ripped off YAY's idea. The anthropomorphization of the new NBA basketball was his idea from the beginning; a story he was developing. You don't take something like that and represent it as your own.

I'm tired of paid sportswriters bitching about bloggers. "They don't go into locker rooms. They aren't at the games. They don't have to do the research. They don't have sources. They lack ethical integrity." You know what we do have? Fresh ideas. Which, along with basic journalistic integrity, you apparently sorely lack.