Bill Simmons is an absolute Moron!

What an idiot!

For people who don't know Bill Simmons,  he is a sports writer for ESPN.Com in their Page 2 section.  I read some of his articles because sometimes he is funny.

But this simpleton, wrote last week that Manning and the Colts were going to get Destroyed by the Patroits, and how Peyton is overated...boy he was right on that one!

Well today a NBA articule by him which he writes about

He wrote about Bruce Bowen and Manu. Here is what he said!

1. Bruce Bowen
Stick a fork in him. This is a significant problem for the Spurs, by the way -- they don't have anyone to cover the Gilbert Arenas and Corey Maggettes of the world right now. Why wouldn't they deal Brent Barry (his contract expires in 2008) and Eric Williams (his contract expires in 2007) and take the Completely Insane Stephen Jackson off Indy's hands? They already won one title with him, right?

Ingenious get rid of Barry who is averaging almost 5 3's per game and bring back a convict that carries a load pistol to a game with him. Does he remember the Spurs won the Championship in 2005 without Jackson? Why don't we bring back Malik Rose, because he was on the 2003 championship year, or we should bring back Kevin Willis from retirement.
 I will take Bruce Bowen any day over anyone else in the NBA as a defense stopper. IS he going to stop everyone every night, no but nobody ever is. At 35 he is still the best perimeter defender by far!  I guess Bill Simmons doesn't know Bruce Bowen is one of the best spot of 3 point shooters in the NBA , and how he scored 13 points against the Mavericks.

And this is what he wrote about Manu:
5. Manu Ginobili
Any time a guy loses two steps and develops a bald spot, that's usually a sign that he's on his way out of the league soon. We're sure he's only 28 and not 35, right?

Manu hasn't lost a step: he is averaging 14 points a game and 1.6 steals per game. Usually guys losing their steps average almost 2 steals per game. I guess he doesn't take into consideration that  Manu is only taking around 10 shots per game, and is finding the open man every time down the floor. Every time Ginboli is on the floor with Brent, Beno, and Finley, he penetrates and when the defense collapses he finds the open man for a shot. 95 percent of the time he can beat his man off the dribble, but he is a ultimate team player. Manu this year is reminding me of Nash how he would rather pass and get his teammates involved rather than a shot himself.

Can someone found out how I can email this  reject's email address so I can contact him!

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