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It's YouTube Monday!

It's YouTube Monday people!

Here at I have a long standing tradition of starting revolving bits that never last more than a couple weeks. Off the top of my head I can remember "Random Animated GIFs of Cats Wednesdays" and putting a random tidbit about myself after every post.

So the newest bit, sure to be shelved the minute anything goes wrong in my life, is YouTube Monday. Every Monday morning you'll wake to an irresistible need to pee and a fresh YouTube clip here at PtR. They'll more than likely be basketball related.

So, your first installment is a rather long (I suggest pausing the video and letting it load) clip of Michael Jordan's first 40 point game in the NBA, which happened to be against the Spurs. It's interesting to listen to the announcers talk about "Captain Marvel," and the laissez-faire defensive style provides a stark contrast to the current state of the NBA.

Jordan looks so young and lithe; the game looks effortless to him. He appears to be playing almost a different sport than the rest of the players. And to think he was about the same age that Lebron is now. Though Lebron appears to have already completed his physical maturation; the game looks effortless to King James as well, but he appears to be playing the same game as everyone else, just with a different set of DNA. "It's evolution, baby."