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Game Thread #4 -- @ New York

Another dreaded SEGABABA for the Spurs. But like how a square is always a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square, tonight's SEGABABA just happens to be the even more-dreaded FOGAFINI (fourth game in five nights).

Luckily the Spurs are playing the Knicks, led by their impervious leader Isiah Thomas (thanks to YAYsports!). I am hoping that Pop, for no reason other than his personal amusement in someone else's intellectual belittling, will do his best to humiliate Isiah.

The Spurs should be up by 20 going into the fourth, leaving Pop all sorts of time to play some mind games. Some teams go big, some teams go small, Pop should "go four." As in put only four guys on the court. Play it cool. The refs will point it out, Pop will give his patented "I've actually coached three teams to NBA titles and I'm drinking cognac out of this here gatorade cup and you can damn sure count on Jay Z being in my five and yes I know what the shit is up" look. Isiah will undoubtedly call a quick time out and stare off into the distance, thinking "make your 'deep in thought look'... no, no, no that's your 'making poopie in your pants look'... focus... there." He'll then come out of the timeout with only four players on the court as well, knowing full well he made the appropriate adjustment to Pop's offensive.

If Pop plays his cards right, I don't see any reason why this game can't end with a full court one-on-one matchup between Matt Bonner and David Lee with Isiah being the impartial all-time point guard.

Comments? Anti-pyschotic medication recommendations? Post away.