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Game Thread #3 - @ Toronto

[Be sure to check out stampler's Western Conference preview below.]

Fuck me in the goat ass. I feel like absolute shit. There are five reasons for this.

  1. Texas A&M lost, largely due to the fact their two million dollar coach has shit for brains.
  2. Here's what I ate today:
-a disgusting pulled pork sandwich from the Safeway deli
-some chili cheese Fritos
-10 Ritz crackers
-80 fat grams & 1680 calories worth of fudge stripe cookies (that's a whole bag)
-1200 calories worth of cherry twizzlers (again, the whole bag)
-5 to 7 diet beverages
  1. I spent at least 8 hours today studying for an organic chemistry test I have Monday.
  2. I default to feeling shitty.
  3. It's 2 in the morning.
The Spurs play the Raptors in Canada in 8 hours or so. Duncan and company will be reunited with The Solid Slovenian, who never struck me as the type of guy who held much of a grudge (in other words, I doubt he'll clothesline Manu, though I am sure Bonner is planning a swift kick to Bosh's chicken nuggets). I'm hoping he'll airball an 18 inch hook shot just for old times sake.

Comments, thoughts, etc. below. I will eventually post a recap of the CLE game, complete with a YouTube clip of Lebron posterizing Timmeh.