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Weakened By Old Age; Feeble; Infirm

San Antonio 75 @ Utah 83

You probably want to read about this game as much as I want to write about it. The Spurs looked old, slow and unathletic. This is mainly due to the fact the players Pop put on the court are, for the most part, old, slow and unathletic.

Consider this: players 30 years or older played 53 minutes for the Jazz. For the Spurs, players 30 years or younger played 53 minutes. I didn't even make that up!

So which Spur sucked the most tonight? So many to choose from! Oberto deserves an honorable mention for playing 20 minutes and managing 1 rebound, 1 missed field goal and 2 personal fouls. That's it. But hey, let's spread the love. After all, Robert Horry sucked some balls, too. 3 points on 1-5 shooting, though he did manage to grab 8 rebounds. Hey Big Shot, the flopping without the ball is getting way out of control.

But really folks, Michael Finley out did himself tonight. 3 points on 1-8 shooting, 2 rebounds and 2 turnovers in 22 minutes. Terrific. Just terrific. Why is he starting? Why. The. Fuck. Is. He. Starting? Start Barry, who can actually space the floor for Duncan. Finley can come in when Duncan goes out and proceed to shoot his 18 foot fadeaways. One dribble. Pump fake. Pump fake. Fade away. Brick. Terrific. Just terrific. I'd rather play James White and have him cherry pick the whole fucking game.

But who's sucked more? Finley or Horry? It's hard to say. Let's investigate!

Horry -- 25.9%
Finley -- 32.5%

Horry -- 25.8%
Finley -- 25.0%

ok. That's just too depressing. I'm stopping. They both suck. They both win. We lose. Please come back Manu. Please. It's just your lower back. It's not like you took a fall off your roof... you were like 2 feet off the ground. Did we do something wrong? Was it that whole Kevin Martin thing? Is that what this is about? I'm sorry Manu. I never meant to hurt you. I am so, so sorry. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I'll buy flowers. I'll say I love you more. I'll stop looking at other NBA players. Just say you'll stay. Just give me another chance.