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[Update: Forgot to mention that the Spurs wanted this guy on draft day and considered/tried to trade up for him. And check out the new poll on the right.]

Meet the newest San Antonio Spur, James "Flight" White:

Watch that again. That's between the legs from the free throw line. If that doesn't make you all tingly in your naughty places then, well, I feel sorry for you.

Now obviously having potentially the best dunker in the NBA does not necessarily equate to winning championchips, but when's the last time the Spurs had a guy like this? One of those guys where the entire crowd is just hoping for a breakaway opportunity just to see what happens? James White is an edge of your seat guy, a guy where you get up out of your seat before he even takes off.

The Pacers traded three future second round picks to draft him with the first pick of the second round of the latest draft. Due to poor planning, or maybe Bird was trying to take some heat off Isiah, a roster crunch forced Indiana to cut him despite his two year guaranteed contract. He cleared waivers and the Spurs signed him to a two year deal for the league minimum. An absolute no brainer.

The Spurs need youth, athleticism and someone to eventually take Bowen's place. James White just turned 24, is obviously a freak of an athlete and at least has the potential to replace The Rash, which is more than can be said for anyone else on the Spurs roster. He's 6'-7" and here's what Draft Express had to say about him:

Defensively is where White currently stands out the most as far as his NBA draft potential goes. He has good length and outstanding lateral quickness, being able to stay in front of almost anyone at the college level when focused and be a real threat in the passing lanes. He's extremely versatile in the sense that he's been asked to defend every position from the 1-4 in college, and has generally enjoyed great success doing so.

Kudos to Holt and company for bringing in a guy the fans can be excited about. Don't get me wrong, I'm already excited with the possibility of winning another title, and that's always the goal. But let's face it, no fan is ever going to start a Melvin Sanders chant at the end of a blow out. Nobody see Brent Barry at the scorers' table and thinks "Oooh, what will he do tonight." Now if they could only get Flight enough playing time to warrant his inclusion in the dunk contest...