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Game Thread # 14 -- @ Seattle

The Spurs visit my home town tonight, and I won't be there despite living about 300 yards from Key Arena. Frankly, I am not all that upset about it. I cannot afford primo seats anyway and I just don't wanna go.

I ran a half marathon this morning. I would really like to know who's responsible for scheduling a Seattle Marathon at the end of November. It was fucking snowing when we started. There was some sort of precipitation falling the whole time. Snow, sleet or rain, but it actually wasn't that bad once I got warmed up. Plus I was wearing a sweet-ass skull cap; lookin' all sorts of gangster. The Portland Marathon was way better organized and it was at the beginning of October, when there's not a 95% chance of rain everyday.


I am curious to see who the Sonics make their number one option on offense tonight. Rashard Lewis will be a matchup problem for Manu (or whoever takes his place if he can't go), but you can bet Ray Allen will still get his 20 shots up, that whining, manicure-once-a-week-getting no good nancy boy. Out of all the players Bruce Bowen has riled up in his time with the Spurs, Ray Allen is definitely Enemy #1. Hell, Bruce straight up kicked him last year. I still can't believe he didn't get suspended for that. I was at that game and saw it happen live; most of the crowd didn't notice it and they never showed the replay. I wish they would have, Sonics fans hate the Spurs and that would have been fun.

The contest standings have not updated since before the Dallas game. 2 or 3 folks decided, for unknown reasons, to let it all ride on SA and lost. Better luck next year I guess. Here are your contest lines:

New Jersey @ LA Lakers: LAL -4
San Antonio @ Seattle: SA -4.5

I have an organic chemistry test tomorrow, so I probably won't be watching the game until Monday night. Recap should be up by Tuesday morning.

Comments, fake wagers, Ray Allen insults? Post away.