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Um... Don't Mind Me... Just Move Along

Just submitting the picks for documentation for tomorrow's football games which I won't be paying any attention to whatsoever.

Not only did I go 5-10-1 vs. the spread last week, but my favorite team's QB suffered a torn ACL so their season's over, and my 2nd favorite team had their dreams of an undefeated season squashed by the fucktard Cowboys.

So I'm just about through with the NFL for '06. But that doesn't mean I can't continue to make awful picks for the next ten weeks.

Miami at Detroit (+2.5) Harrington comes back to Motown and shows the fans that he wasn't the problem there. Unfortunately, the fans over there figured this out by Week 4, so the whole thing won't be nearly as heartwarming or dramatic as you'd think. Miami to win and cover.

Tampa Bay at Dallas (-11) Boooooooooooooooo. Dallas to win and cover. Boy would I love to be totally wrong about this.

Denver at Kansas City (-1) The Broncos are in a downward spiral, and I don't think their smallish front seven will be nearly recovered enough to deal with Larry Johnson for four quarters.

Wheeeeee. I won't comment on the game since its Matthew's turn to blog it, but let's just say I'm pleased. Pleased and sleepy.