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Game Thread # 12 -- vs. Miami

Great job by aaronstampler on ripping my a new one for my Kevin Martin / Manu Ginobili comments. I do plan to respond in more detail in the future, but for now I want to say that Manu Ginobili is my favorite player of all time, in any sport. I want him to retire as a Spur, and I want his jersey retired and I want to be there when they raise it to the rafters. My man love for The Sickness is strong and has not wained.

(Are we all sufficiently creeped out?)

The Spurs are back home, facing the struggling Miami Heat, owners of (by far) the worst point differential in the league (-9.8). That value is obviously made worse by their opening night throttling by 44 points at the hands of CHI. But even if you throw that game out they still have the second worst point differential in the league (-6.0). This year they've been bad with Shaq and bad without him. Just bad. Let's whoop their ass, shall we?

If any PtR readers are going to the game tonight please do me a favor. Point and laugh at Antoine Walker as much as possible. We hates him.

Contest top ten standings have been updated. Here are the complete standings, unformatted and presented in a totally unprofessional manner.

1. adam8065 970
2. rick2g 955
3. Firebat MIV 793
4. piojo777 664
5. Matthew Powell 632
6. Luzy 600
7. Seth 574
8. booth52 557
9. Jones 556
10. flickup17 546
11. aaronstampler 521
12. schwazz 450
13. da blade 421
14. dacat 379
15. JamesR 326

Here are your contest lines:

Atlanta @ Detroit: DET -6.5
Miami @ San Antonio: SA -10

Have a happy, relaxing and trytophan-induced coma filled Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy your time. Enjoy your life. It's the whole point my friends.

Thoughts, reactions, fake wagers, fantasies involving turducken? Post away!