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Game Thread # 11 -- @ Portland

You know what bugs me about cookbooks? No? Well, I'll tell you. The "preparation time" given for each recipe. Who are these times meant for? Ninja cooks?

I made baked cavatelli tonight. Except I substituted rigatoni for the cavatelli. I think I might make it standard operating procedure to substitute rigatoni for any pasta with openings. Especially for dishes with a meaty sauce, because the saucy, meaty goodness gets all up inside the rigatoni.

So this dish had italian sausage in it (I get the real deal from the deli). Is it just me, or do only guys like sausage? Does anyone out there know any girls that like sausage? And if you're snickering at that question, you need to grow the hell up.

Did you notice that one of the SAC players was named Quincy Douby? Heh. Heh heh. I said doobie. Yeah. That's pretty cool.

(Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd SEGUE (which is pronounced seg-way... that's crazy.)

Speaking of the doobie, the Spurs play Portland tonight in a SEGABABA. The Blazers are led by the soon to be desurging, though I shall begrudingly admit his current resurgance, Zach Randolph, who last year shot a meager 32% against the Spurs.

The top ten has been updated. Everyone else has at least 326 EFD. Your contest lines:

Phoenix @ Golden State: GS -2
San Antonio @ Portland: SA -7.5

Comments, reactions, fake wagers, thoughts about sausage or other pork products or other food stuffs stuffed inside intestinal linings? Post away friends, post away.