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Brent Barry's Broken Buns

It's YouTube Monday people. You've been waiting all weekend for this moment, haven't you? It's ok to admit that. We're all friends here.

Today I'm bringing you a funny HEB commercial featuring Brent Barry. For those of you not from Texas, HEB is a popular grocery story chain.

My first job was at HEB. The one over there on Culebra and, uh, Tezel? Grissom? I don't remember. I'm not sure I ever knew. I started as a bagger and then soon became a checker. I'm telling you I was a damn checker prodigy. Russet potatoes, produce code 4072. I still gots it!

One thing that's a lot different about the west coast... checkers are slow out here. At HEB they kept track of items scanned per minute. I was around 30-35. Out here the checkers top out at about 10. Part of that is the setup of the registers, but I mostly blame the darn unions.

HEB needs a damn baggers union. I remember doing "cart runs." Middle of the summer, 98 degrees, blazing sun, and I'm out wrangling grocery carts for an hour at a time. And the humidity reeked all sorts of havoc on my hair.