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Season Preview -- Tim Duncan

Yes, Tim Duncan in healthy, motivated and maybe even a bit peeved off. This, however, will not translate into a monster offensive season by his standards. There's no need. He's never come across as a man with a huge ego (by NBA standards), but even if media-driven glory is what he's looking for, he knows the fourth title is what will get it for him. Not putting up 25 ppg during the regular season. So he'll let Parker run wild, he'll let Manu assert himself when the Argentinian feels the need and he'll hold it down on the defensive end (because we sure as hell know that Francisco Elson ain't doin' it).

Come playoffs he'll be rested and prepared to lead his team to its fourth NBA title.

35.2 MPG, 19.9 PPG on 51.0% FG%, 67% FT%, 2.8 BPG, 13.0 RPG

What do you think? Post your predictions in the comments.