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Game Thread # 10 -- @ Sacramento

I lack the time to write a proper preview for this game. Random thoughts:

-Their new coach, Musselman, apparently has them playing much better defense. Even Bibby. No, I don't really believe that, either.

-Kevin Martin is the most underrated player in the NBA. 23 PPG a game on over 50% shooting. His numbers likely won't stay there over an entire season, but this is not in any way a Flip Murray like aberration.

-Mike Bibby's beardette gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Contest standings will not be updated before game time. Sorry. Everyone should be able to figure out about how many EFDs they have. Here are the lines for today's games:

Chicago @ LA Lakers: LAL -3
San Antonio @ Sacramento: SA -2.5

Comments, reactions, fake wagers, preferred synonyms for heebie-jeebies? Post away!