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Game Thread #9 -- vs. Chicago

The Bulls come to town after losing Thursday night to the Rockets. The SEGABABA effects should be diminished by the short trip and their oodles of youth.

Chicago added Ben Wallace over the summer and neither aaronstampler or myself were very impressed. Certainly not $16 million a year impressed. First, he's 32. Do you even need a second reason not to spend max money on him? I mean even if he could shoot the ball at all (he can't), and even if CHI's big flaw was it's defense (it's not)... even then would he be worth it? No. The answer is no. Next question.

Oh. Chris Webber wants out of Philly because he doesn't like his role. What does this have to do with CHI? Nothing. I just love to hate Chris Webber. If I'm Billy King here's what I do. I call Webber into my office, sit him down and tell him to shut up. I then call Isiah Thomas and put him on speaker phone.

Billy: Isiaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What's up man? Great job running Brown out of town. I never liked that smarmy bastard, and my mom always taught me never to trust a man with a catheter.

Isiah: I think I'll go with a French manicure next time.

Billy: Uh, good call they're Isy. Listen man, I'm gonna be straight up with you. Chris Webber wants to be a Knick. We'll take any combination of players for him. Any. Jerome James and Marbury. Doesn't matter. You choose.

Isiah: Do I look like a bitch?

Billy: What?


Billy: No!

Isiah: Then why you try to fuck me like a bitch, Billy?

Billy: I'm not!

Isiah: Yes you are. Yes you are, Billy. You're trying to fuck me. And Isiah Thomas don't like to be fucked by anybody, except Mrs. Thomas.

Billy: What about that woman you harrassed?

Isiah: That shit ain't funny Billy.


Before we get to the contest lines I would like to congratulate aaronstampler on being the only person to have missed all three games so far! Solid work. He's actually ahead of two people though, dacat is at 379 EFDs and the aggressive flickup17 is down at 236. Remember, you can only wager on one game a night.

Chicago @ San Antonio: SA -8
Washington @ Detroit: DET -5

I love seeing you folks filling up the comments. Serbians and Slovenians sharing incestuous thoughts about their mother, comparing the grunginess of Oberto's and Kaman's hair... it warms the spot where my heart used to be. Thoughts, reactions, fake wagers, favorite Pulp Fiction moments? Post away.