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George Knows.

That Korev is an insensitive bastard. Matthew really hopes the writers don't plan on Izzy slumming it with him again. She is so better than that. And poor George. Why Sloan? He's the anti-George, and Cally knew that. And now she's coming to his aid, and he needs her but can feel only personal weakness if he accepts. That Sloan is such a fucking prick. Matthew hates him.

Yeah, Matthew watches Grey's Anatomy. You wanna fucking make something of it? Matthew will cut a punk if he has to.


<Homer Simpson>Stupid Bobcats.</Homer Simpson> I told you guys they would win just to peeve me the h-e-double-hockey-sticks off.

I have some thoughts about Adam Morrison, but I want to save that for a separate post I'll get to much later than I would like.

The Spurs played like a team distracted and emotionally spent. A perfect illustration of this occurred in overtime. Raymond Felton, who whines almost as much as backcourt mate and juvenile marsupial humper Brevin Knight, was fouled with 16 seconds to go, CHA up 3. He made the first and missed the second. Okafor outworked Bowen for the rebound and slammed it home. Sean Elliott pointed out the obvious, Duncan should have switched with Bruce and been blocking out the bigger guy. But why the hell is our small forward on the block in that situation anyway? Pop was going to call timeout after the free thrown, there's no excuse not to put Oberto or Elson in to make sure they grab the rebound.

That, combined with the missed layups and forced entry passes, shows a lack of concentration. The Spurs came into the game thinking 80% would get them a W. They were wrong. They are human, and humans have off days. I forgive them. Plus, I had my money on CHA anyway.

Emeka Okafor was impressive. He'll never be good enough to lead a team to the title, but he's one of those guys who you would never think about replacing. He'll never be the weak link, the guy you blame for costing you a series. In other words, he'll never be a Hedo Turkoglu type player. <Homer>Stupid Hedo and his stupid refusal to shoot the ball against the stupid Lakers.</Homer>

God, Sean May is horrible. He's like Brian Cook except without the jumper. Which sucks for CHA, because Sean May likes to shoot the ball.

Oh, and Brevin, don't think I didn't notice you give that retaliatory cheap shot to Elson. Yer lucky he didn't poke the eyes from their sunken sockets. Yeah, I noticed you shook afterwards, but I ain't buyin' it. You're up to something, you dirty little koala toucher.

We need PtR shirts that say "Brevin Knight is a dirty little koala toucher." Irrational dislike is good for the soul. Keeps the arteries clean, too.

Record: 6-2 Streak: L-1
Next up: vs. Chicago