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Game Thread #8 -- vs. Charlotte

I'm sure stampler is working feverishly on a recap of that splendid constest against the Rockets. He gets all the fun games while I'm stuck with the Spurs only loss of the season, two Knicks games and effing Charlotte?

Charlotte. Is there a more boring team in the NBA? Maybe. Memphis? NY is more depressing than boring.

Another SEGABABA, but the Spurs have a short trip back from Houston and shouldn't suffer the typical ill effects. Plus CHA played last night, too.

The Bobcats "feature" a resurgent Emeka Okafor, who's averaging 18, 12 and 3.5. Their second leading scorer is none other than Brevin Knight, one player I absolutely love to hate. I think he was the first person I ever accused of molesting baby kangaroos back on my old blog (followed by Chad Ford). If I recall correctly, he was bitching about not getting a call with about 30 seconds to go in a game where his team was down more than 10 points. Just shut up and lose you sunken-eyed freak.

I guess if I had to pick one Bobcat to be excited about watching, it would be Adam Morrison. He's getting a lot of run with this horrible team; 30.5 MPG. Tuesday night he grabbed the first offensive rebound of his young career! Only took him 7 games.

Gerald Wallace can be fun, too. But I just can't get past the fact it's Charlotte. Ugly uniforms, stupid mascot, Brevin Knight, overrated North Carolina players. They'll probably win, too, just to piss me off even further.

Here are your contest lines:

Charlotte @ SA: SA -12.5
Memphis @ Sacramento: SAC -8

Thoughts, comments, fake wagers, inappropriate accusations regarding Brevin Knight's intimate affairs with marsupials? Post away.