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Where You At?

One cool feature of Sitemeter is that you can get a visual representation of the location of your readers. (I would love to show you what I am talking about, but the site isn't loading properly right now.) The fact that someone is Slovenia reads this blog makes me want to keep writing.

I mean, think of it, someone in some far off land may think I represent the typical American! Or some young girl in Japan may be in love with me! Just like that Weezer song. Except I haven't received any letters on fancy rice paper stationary. =(. God, when will you send me my underage, forbidden Asian love? I beg thee oh Lord! Bequeath her unto me!

I am curious to know where everybody lives. All 42 of you. There's a poll on the right and you can post a comment if you want. Tell us about yourself. Your job, your dreams, your pets, your prescription drugs. Make it all up if you want. Except where you live. Don't go screwing up my poll.

Oh, and I purposely put Canada below "other." Because, living in Seattle, it is my sworn duty to make fun of that joke-ass country as much as possible. Bunch of hosers, eh?