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The Knicks Need More Shooting Guards

Original photo by AP Photo / Eric Gay.

Yes, I totally stole this idea from the inimatable YAYSports!. But I promise I will not be as funny as them, so no worries.

Thank God the Spurs do not have to play the Knicks again all season. I thought I would enjoy their awfulness, but the horrible stupidity of the whole situation overwhelms.

The Knicks have trailed by at least ten points in every game this season.
The Knicks, in 96 minutes against the Spurs, never led.
The Knicks have 3 different shoot-first PGs but don't have 1 center than can rebound.
The Knicks have 9 players averaging at least 1 turnover per game but 0 players averaging at least 1 block per game.
The Knick who takes the most shots per game is shooting 33%.

The Knicks have no defensive game plan against the pick and roll. Then did not the first game against the Spurs and absolutely nothing changed tonight. Sometimes the guard would go under the pick and sometimes he would chase Tony over the top. Either way, the big man would sag back. That is absolutely nonsensical and proves an entire lack of strategy. What exactly is Isiah teaching these players? How to "be winners?" How to "respect the game?" How about how to defend the pick and roll?

It was maddening to watch. Good riddance New York Knickerbockers, you total joke of an NBA franchise.

Woah. I just had a startling revelation. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, the Spurs could have any single Knick player in exchange for Eric Williams. Let's even ignore salary and assume the Spurs would only be accountable for the league minimum. There's only three players I would even want. Frye, Lee and Q.

So, the actual game. As predicted, the Bruce Bowen situation did reappear tonight. Isiah took offense to The Rash getting a little too close on a Crawford jumper in the first quarter and said something. Bruce retorted and they both earned prompt technicals. The next thing I know Isiah and Pop are going at it. According to the Knicks announcers (who fucking blow by the way) Pop was saying that Thomas should not be talking to Spurs players. Isiah replied that Pop should tell his players not to undercut jumpshooters. As always the assistant coaches stepped in before the slap-fight could begin. The animosity did not last until the end of the game, when the two head coaches met at center court and exchanged smiles and apologetic pleasantries.

Parker torched the Knicks all night, going for 33 points on 12-17 shooting. He had 6 assists, 5 of which came in the first 8 minutes of the game. Finley and Horry continued their horrible play and Francisco was extremely active off the bench, going for 9 and 9 in only 23 minutes. The 5 TOs are worrisome but seem to be anomalous based on his career numbers.

This has little to no importance, but I would amiss not to report it. When David Lee fouled out he went to the sidelines and Knick assistant coach Mark Aguirre proceeded to give him 6 butt slaps. 6. I counted. I rewound and counted again. 1, 2. 3, 4, 5. 6. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Record: 5-1 Streak: W-4
Up Next: Tuesday @ Houston

Big game coming up against the Rockets. Oberto and Elson will have their hands full with Yao.