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Game Thread #6 -- vs. New York

This game should be a laugher. The most intriguing plot line involves Bruce Bowen and possible retaliation. As I mentioned in my game 4 recap, Bowen undercut Francis on an early jumpshot, turning another opponent's ankle. Stevie (NBDL) Franchise gutted it out for a couple of minutes but hasn't seen the court since. Apparently a couple of Knicks weren't too happy with Bruce and think his actions were intentional. And it's worth noting that Manu, in mid-flail, caught Eddy Curry with an elbow/forearm to the groinal region, too. Things could get messy tonight.

Today is the first day of the Official Contest. In case you missed it, here's the background information. I have decided to add a second game to fake wager on, in case you prefer not to have any action on a Spurs game. You cannot place fake bets on both games simply because I don't want the extra work. I'm selfish like that. If you've already posted a wager in the contest thread there is no need to repost. If you want to change your wager you can do that here. All wagers must be posted before game time.

New York @ SA: SA -13.5

Orlando @ Minnesota: -5

Comments? Reactions? Fake wagers? Jack Palance inspired soliloquys? Post away.