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I am excited a new NBA season has started. I love the beginning, when every game is watchable because it's been so long since your last fix.

I am working on my season preview, but here are a couple things posted recently on other sites. You may have noticed that incorporated bloggers into their previews, and I was lucky enough to be asked by Henry Abbott over at the crucial True Hoop. Here's a link and an excerpt (the question was posed to us and we were limited to 100 words):

What would it take for you to get a tattoo of the Spurs' logo on your chest?

For Spurs fans, success is defined as winning the NBA title. Subsequently the regular season can be a bore. We need drama; we need crazy. I want Parker dumping Eva to "concentrate on his rap career" only to be seen with Teri Hatcher two weeks later.

I want Duncan with bleached-blonde dreads and a ridiculously bad Jamaican accent. I want a tuxedoed Popovich reenacting Riley's hair and sipping cognac on the bench. I want Ginobili endorsing a signature line of fine Italian leather man-purses from Prada. I want Bowen shooting threes from the top of the key.

You give me all that, and a wax job, and I'll get that tattoo.

I had to edit out that last bit about Bowen to fit under the 100 word cap.

Also, I threw together some haikus (yes, seriously) for a SlamOnline preview. Check it:

Parker runs the Spurs
with graceful ferocity
despite Frenchieness

Pop claims wine passion
but based on dreadful warddrobe?
just another drunk

Duncan is boring
but you know off the court he
gets women like woah

A poet I am not. Check back tomorrow for my season preview.