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Game 33 Recap: MIN 77 @ SA 83

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Well then. I guess it's safe to say that The Sickness and KG are not best of friends. In case you missed it:

Garnett picked up his fourth foul with about 5 minutes to go in the third quarter of a close game. Casey left him in and about 60 seconds later he and Manu got tangled up under the basket. Well, a more accurate description would be Manu got himself tangled up with KG. The nearest ref called a totally ridiculous, preposterous double foul. Surprisingly The Big Ticket didn't go ballistic; rather he walked calmly down the court to the bench, the whole time staring at Manu who walked beside him. No words, just staring. Ginobili, of course, pretended he wasn't there.

On the very next possession Manu drove down the lane and barreled into Szczerbiak, drawing a questionable blocking foul while making the lay-up. The Sickness was uncharacteristically excited with the play. However, one cannot say the same about Garnett who unleashed the following from the bench (talking to no one in particular):

"God damn it! Fuck that! I fucking hate that motherfucker! I hate it; I hate that shit!"

I assume "that motherfucker" refers to Manu while "that shit" refers to his propensity to slightly exaggerate contact in order to coerce the referees to make favorable calls. Also referred to as "flopping" by the lay person.

There was no further interaction between the two but this may come back up later on this season.

Special thanks go out to Troy Hudson, who dutifully backed-up my proclamation that he sucked. 8 PTS on 3-12 FGA! Solid! He also made a 3 at the end of the game that led to MIN covering the spread, improving my chances at one day approaching the outskirts of Respectability.

I simply must mention Bruce Bowen and his 14 PT effort. He was downright frisky out there. At one point he even crossed-over Szczerbiak and went for a layup. It was shocking to see. Dribble right, crossover left, one step, two steps, three steps, four steps and layup. That's right, four steps! I rewound the play about 5 times to verify. I don't know if the refs were wowed into a stupor or decided to treat Bruce like a seven year old girl; you know, no shot clock, no ten second rule, no double dribble. Just pig tails and fun!

Lastly, Duncan struggled with Garnett and MIN once again, going 5-19. And, once again, I am not implying this means anything.

Ooh! One other thing. Parker went flying into the stands for a loose ball and Eva Longoria (pics, nude, boobs, boobies) looked genuinely concerned. I felt some warmth where my heart should be!