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Game 34 Preview: SA @ Phoenix Suns

Note: MIN game recap below.

I am doing away with posting starting lineups. Mainly because I finished the post before remembering to include them and this option is quicker.

So just what in the hell is going on with this PHX team? They're second in the league in defensive efficieny and have the third best scoring margin. All without Amare; not a pleasant turn of events for Spurs fans.

If the season ended today PHX would face GS then MIN/LAC while the Spurs would meet LAL then DAL/MEM. I would definitely give up home court in the WCF to exchange match-ups with PHX. Fucking stupid NBA seeding. Divisions are entirely pointless in the NBA. You play your division opponents the same number of time as your conference opponents! So what the hell is the point behind divisions? Besides giving fans of mediocre teams like MIN something to cheer about?

Illogicity drives me crazy. I like to make up words. I had three Frito pies this week.

The Spurs are favored tonight by 1. Uh, OK. I'll let Matty da Blade sum this up:

"The Spurs fucking blow asshole on SEGABABAs. Put all my fake money on PHX."

I agree with him. It doesn't make much sense. I'm going with SA anyway. The Sickness will be dishing out The Sauce* tonight!

Tonight's line: SA -1
Tonight's total: 195
My picks: SA | Under
Matty da Blade's plays: 4 units** on PHX | Over
I am 12-15 ATS. Da Blade is 14-10-1 ATS.

*I have no idea what I mean by that.
**I hereby proclaim the maximum wager of fake blog money to be 4 units.