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Game 32 Preview: Portland Trailblazers @ SA

Tonight's starting lineups:

POR (10-21, 4-12 away)
PG Steve Blake. Seriously. That's not a typo.
SG Juan Dixon. See above.
SF Viktor Khryapa. He's only 23, so we'll cut the Blazers some slack.
PF Zach Randolph
C Joel Przybilla

SA (24-7, 14-1 home)
PG The French Layup Machine
SG Rip Hamilton Redux
SF Bruce "I Might as Well Take the Night Off" Bowen
PF Timmeh!
C The Solid Slovenian

Pop should do something crazy and start Manu and Finley and bring Bowen off the bench to matchup with Patterson. Or, as an alternate, put Bruce on Blake and see if he can make the poor fellow cry.

SA should beat this team by 20. First of all, POR played last night (lost to DAL). Second of all, they matchup horribly with the Spurs. Blake can't keep Parker out of the lane and their best offensive option, Randolph, will be facing Duncan. I wouldn't be surprised if Zach hoists up 20 18-footers tonight. Somebody's got to shoot and I don't see any Blazer other than Patterson challenging the Spurs in the middle.

Tonight's line: SA -15
Tonight's total: 183
My picks: SA | Under
Matty Da Blade's Plays: SA | Under
Requisite Rose Bowl Prediction: [Update @ 3 PM PT: UT 42 | USC 35]