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Game 38 Preview: SA @ Memphis Grizzles

(Note: Bruce Bowen chatted on today.)

Well then. That was an unfortunate ass-whooping suffered at the hands of the obviously superior Pistons. The Spurs could not lose another game the rest of the season and they would still go into the playoffs with a Detroit cloud hanging over their heads. The first game planted the seed of doubt and the second dumped a whole pile of manure right on top.

Rest assured I will address the Spurs deficiencies and my ideas to mitigate them. Most likely in a needlessly long, drawn out rant. But first I must address the issue at hand; the rematch with the bearded and feisty Memphis Grizzlies.

Starting lineups:

SA (28-9, 10-7 away)
SG The Sickness (finally)
SF Bruce Bowen
C The Solid Slovenian

MEM (23-12, 13-5 home)
PG Bobby Jackson
SG Eddie Jones
SF Shane Battier
PF Lorenzen Wright
C Pau Gasol

The Spurs looked blah against MEM on Saturday. Pau Gasol took Duncan, Rasho and Nazr all to school on various occasions, and his 9 missed free throws (4-13) were a bigger help to SA than any number of Spurs players. Rasho managed to air ball a 3' hook shot and Parker played asstastically. Manu made a triumphant return to the starting lineup and actually looked like he gave a shit, which is more than I can say for, uh, other players.

An interesting side note to Saturday's game... Parker was on the bench for the final offensive play of the game (NVE took his place). As you know, the Spurs scored on a lob pass to Duncan from out of bounds (the same play MIL used to beat us). They showed a replay of the Spurs bench as the play unfolded. You can tell when Duncan scores because the players get excited; all of them except Tony Parker. He stood there expressionless with his arms folded, muttering French expletives under his breath. I made that last part up.

Tonight's line: SA -1
Tonight's total: 170
My picks: SA | Under
Matty da Blade's plays: SA | Over
I am 13-17 ATS | 6-1 TOT (really!). Da Blade is 16-10-1 (+8 units) ATS | 11-8 TOT.