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Game 35 Preview: New Jersey Nets @ SA

Back by popular demand, tonight's starting lineups!:

NJ (19-12, 9-6 away)
PG Jason "Insert Your Own Inappropriate Nickname Regarding Past Spousal Abuse or Size of Kid's Head Here" Kidd
SG Vince "Slap Happy" Carter
SF Richard Jefferson? (played only two minutes last game due to back spasms)
PF Krstic Nenad!
C Jason Collins

SA (26-8, 16-1 home)
SG Michael Finley
SF Bruce Bowen

I need to watch NBA Tonight (or whatever that NBA TV show is called) more because I totally missed the Peterson and Carter slap-off on Sunday. Apparently Vince playfully slapped Mo Pete in the face who not-so-playfully slapped him back before Carter could call "No slap backs!" ("You can't triple stamp a double stamp!") Steve Javie, having seen only the retaliatory slap, threw out Mo. Vince, who has enough moral fortitude to understand honesty but not commitment to hard work, argued with the ref on behalf of Peterson! I'm sincerely impressed, Vince. Way to go. But Bowen is still going to turn your ankle.

So the Nets have won 10 games in a row, including wins @ MIA and at home vs. DEN, GS and CLE. Vince has been on a roll, going for over 30 in 7 of the 10 games.

The win streak combined with the tough loss in PHX should be enough to motivate the Spurs and prevent them from looking forward to the absolutely ginormous game against DET on Thursday. TFLM and The Sickness should be in attack mode all night. Kidd is in the "perpetually gimpy" stage of his career and NJ's best shot blocker is Nenad! with only 1.0 a game. The Nets are 24th in the NBA in blocked shots.

Tonight's line: SA -8
Tonight's total: 185
My picks: NJ | Over
Matty da Blade's plays: NJ | Under
I am 12-16 ATS | 4-1 TOT. Da Blade is 15-10-1 (+7 units) ATS | 11-7 TOT.