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Game 19 Preview: Boston Celtics @ SA

BOS (8-10, 2-5 away)
PG Delonte West
SG Ricky Davis
SF Paul Pierce
PF Raef LaFrentz
C Kendrick Perkins

SA (15-3, 8-1 home)
PG The French Layup Machine
SG The Sickness
SF Bruce Bowen
PF Tim Duncan
C Rasho Nesterovic

Tonight BOS plays its 4th game of a 5 game road trip. I feel obligated to mention the Celtics have never beaten Tim Duncan.

BOS has a lot of good, young players. Most promising in my book (and just about everybody elses) is the 20 year old Al Jefferson. My impression (based on limited viewing) is that he's very comfortable around the basket. One of those guys who executes post moves without having to think about it. Like he was born with a drop step or something.

There's been a lot rumored and said about trading Paul Pierce. I find it unlikely that any trade involving Pierce could work out in the Celtics favor. He's one of the 20 best players in the league and he has a reasonable contract. Yes, he's making the max, but so are second tier players like Michael Redd! Hell, Joe Johnson is making 12 million this year. You're telling me Pierce is only 1.8 million better than JJ? And a big key is that he's only signed through 07/08, when he'll only be 30 years old. This is not a bad contract. (Unfortunately for Celtics fans you can't say the same about Raef and Blount).

Oh, there's also the fact that Paul is having an MVP-type season. 26.7 PPG on 17.5 FGA with 8.9 RPG. Hell, this team is only a defensive inside presence away from being very competitive. Here's what they should do:

-Admit that you're not making it past the first round of the playoffs. Which allows you to:

-Admit that Blount was a mistake and bench him PERMANENTLY. Play your young guys like Perkins and Jefferson and find out what you have. Tell the fans you're not rebuilding, you're retooling. Every sports fan would rather his team be young and mediocre than old and just good enough to make the playoffs. Gives them something to dream about.

-Let the young kids run a little. It will make them, Pierce and the fans happy.

-Focus on making a run in 07/08.

-Trade Scalabrine for a box of Rice Crispies.

Celtics Blog. (What every NBA blog strives to be.)

Tonight's line: SA -11.5
Tonight's total: 191
My pick: SA
Matty da Blade's plays: SA | Under
The Spurs are 8-10 this year ATS. I am 5-13 and not quitting my day job. Da Blade is 9-8-1 ATS | 5-5 TOT.