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Yo Diddy!

Listen P. I know we boyz. I've always been on point wich you, and I'm gonna be real wich you now. You need to hear me on this.

You BEST pick Aundrea for Making the Band 3. You understand? I've come too far with this girl to have you fuck this up. She's the total package! AND she's Aubrey's girl homey number 1. You, me and the whole fucking world know that you ain't got no damned band without Aubrey.

Now I know you are Mr. Famous Rap Star and Mr. Label Owner and Mr. Fashion Designer. But you know what you ain't? Mr. Structural Engineer. That's me. And let me tell you, if there's anything structural engineers know it's how to put together a group of nubile pop stars.

So I'm going to get some Taco Bell. When I get back I better not find out that you made the wrong decision. Because that would ruin my dinner, which would lead me to call some people. Trust me Did, you don't want me callings people. Ya heard?