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Game 17 Final: SA 110 @ ORL 85

Random thoughts about tonight's game:

-Bowen started off the game against Hedo Turkoglu. That says a lot about Orlando's offensive capabilities.

-Soon after coming into the game Big Shot Bob got the ball at the top of the key and Dwight Howard played about 6 feet off him. Horry promptly buried the 3. Apparently Dwight didn't watch much basketball growing up.

-Stacey Augmon is still in the league! He was sporting some of those trendy upper arm bands that thems damn kids are wearing. I am not sure what prompted the switch from wrist bands but I bet a hip hops star is to blame. Stacey's sweat mitigation accoutrements had "Plastic Man" sewn onto them. Did his mother do that for him? Or can virtually every NBA player get fancy free stuff from shoe companies? Actually, I already know the answer to that question: Beno Udrih is signed with Adidas. They got video clips of him and everything. I would give you a direct link but shoe companies are not allowed to have functioning web sites. Just lots of flash and wolves morphing into humans and shit.

-Woah! The Magic announcers mentioned while talking about Augmon's +/-. Viva la revolucion!

-Pop yanked Tony in the first half for a couple of bad ball-handling decisions. Parker finished the game strong and ended up with 20 PTS on 11 FGA and 7 AST. A quiet yet efficient night from TFLM.

-Duncan was a man possessed during the 3rd, scoring the Spurs first 8 points and blocking Dwight Howard multiple times. I give the kid credit for his determination but Timmeh totally dominated the matchup, forcing Howard into a 4-18 night.

-DeShawn Stevenson had a productive first half which earned him a date with Bruce Bowen in the 3rd quarter. He scored 2 points in the second half.

-SA tightened the defensive screws in the 2nd half and outscored the Magic by 25 points.


Something I couldn't pass up: Antoine Walker was 0-6 from 3 tonight with 0 points on 10 FGA. I cannot wait for him to do something similar in the playoffs.