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Game 16 Preview: Philadelphia 76ers @ SA

Starting lineups:

PHI (8-9, 2-6 away)

PG Allen Iverson
SG Andre Igoudala
SF Kyle Korver
PF Chris Webber
C Samuel Dalembert

SA (12-3, 6-1 home)

PG The French Layup Machine
SG Michael Finley
SF Bruce Bowen
PF Tim Duncan
C Rasho Nesterovic

PHI is coming off a loss last night to the not-as-bad-as-you-think Hornets. I enjoy watching the 76ers for three reasons:

A) Allen Iverson can do some things.
B) Igoudala can jump really high.
C) I love to make fun of Chris Webber.

Webber is playing better than I thought he would, but that's not saying much. Yeah, he's scoring 20 PPG but it takes him 19 FGA to do it. He's shooting only 43.5% from the field and his assists are well off his career numbers (thanks at least partially to AI, no doubt). He still cannot guard a tree and not surprisingly the team defends better when's off the court, their eFG% allowed improving by 3.3%. However, this number may be misleading because Webber plays 40 MPG; therefore a significant portion of his bench time may occur when the game is out of hand (and the stats less meaningful). I would expect his production to taper off as the season progresses. He's playing more minutes than any year since 00-01 and it's just a matter of time before he starts his annual injury/sulk-fest.

The Sickness had a dreaded MRI done on his right foot/ankle on Friday which revealed nothing more than a bone bruise. I expect him to miss at least a couple more games but there's been no official word from the Spurs.

I freely admit the following assertion is based in exaggeration and slight delusions of grandeur: offensively speaking, Tony Parker is a dependable jump shot away from being Allen Iverson. That thought runs through my mind when I see Parker repeatedly get by opposing guards in two steps.

Tonight's line: SA -10
Tonight's total: SA 192.5
My pick: PHI
Matty da Blade's plays: SA | Under
The Spurs are 6-9 this year ATS. I am 3-12. (At this point even my mother is ashamed of me.) Da Blade is 8-6-1 ATS | 3-4 TOT.