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Bing Crosby!

Let's have a quick recap, shall we?

-The Spurs creamed the Knicks, who looked loster than the lost people on Lost. Finley shot well, scored over fifteen points and managed to not tally a rebound, steal, assist or block. Parker was darn near perfect and Kenny Smith made a great comment about our beloved French Layup Machine: "he finishes like Rod Strickland used to." (And luckily he doesn't throw behind the back passes at key points in the playoffs.)

-The Spurs did just enough to beat the Raptors. Duncan was tremendous, finishing 2 assists shy of a triple-double. Rasho played well also, inducing numerous "hehs" and "he he he hes" from Sean Elliott. Jalen Rose came close to earning half of his nightly salary, hopefully doing enough to tempt Isiah into trading for him.


The Wife and I are off to spend the holidays with family back in Texas. No, we won't be in SA and will not be taking in a Spurs game. Yes, I'm going to try desperately to watch the Pistons and Pacers games but will likely make heavy use of the TiVo when we get back.

Feelings regarding the huge matchup Christmas day:

-Manu ain't playing. Pop would be foolish to have The Sickness' first game back be against DET. Remember the third and final regular season game against PHX last year? Pop sat Duncan and Manu, rendering the game entirely meaningless from a Suns' confidence standpoint. Of course the Pistons do not lack confidence, nor should they. Don't be surprised when they beat the piss out of the Spurs. Parker will need to go for 30 for the Spurs to win.

See, that's what happens when I haven't slept in 20 hours; I write stupid stuff like "Parker will need to go for 30 for the Spurs to win."

I will do my best to drop in while I'm gone. Feel free to post comments and diaries in my absence. Somebody has to pick up the slack.

Enjoy the holiday season everybody. Peace be with you.