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Game 25 Preview: SA @ Milwaukee Bucks

I have a partially written post about the NO game that I will post by tomorrow morning.

Tonight's starting lineups:

SA (19-5 home, 8-4 away)
PG Tony Parker
SG Michael Finley
SF Bruce Bowen
PF Tim Duncan
C Rasho Nesterovic

MIL (13-9, 6-5 home)
PG#1 T.J. Ford
PG#2 Mo Williams
SG Quite Possibly the Worst Defensive SG in the NBA
PF Andrew Bogut
C Jamaal Magloire

MIL may start Bobby Simmons in Mo Williams place. Mo, at 6'-1", doesn't match up well with Finley, who loves to post up guys 10-12' from the basket. And Lord knows Michael Redd ain't guarding nobody. Did you know that Redd's best +/- in the past four years is +2.9? And that in 03-04 he was last on the team at -8.8? But hey, he's a lefty which means he's crafty. <moron>"Craftiness" is an intangible! Intangibles win games! It's the little things!</moron>

Tonight's line: -5
Tonight's total: 184.5
My pick: MIL | Over (Let's see if I can be equally bad at picking totals!)
Matty da Blade's plays: MIL | Over
The Spurs are 10-14 this year ATS. I am 8-15 and appalled at how much I suck. Da Blade is 11-10-1 ATS | 8-6 TOT and does triple integrals in his sleep.