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Oh. Sweet. Jesus.

This has nothing to do with basketball, other than what I am about to show you is certainly a sign of the apocalypse. And I doubt there will be much balling on the post-apocalyptic earth.

Disclaimer: I don't listen to country music; I got this link from a message board.

Trace Adkins is a large white male country singer. His latest single is a song called "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." Scroll down and have a listen. Here's a sample of the lyrics:

At that honky tonk badonkadonk,
Keepin' perfect rhythm: make you wanna swing along.
Got it goin' on like Donkey Kong,
And ooh ee, shut my mouth, slap your grandma,
There outta be a law; get the Sheriff on the phone.
Lord have mercy, how's she even get them britches on.
That honky tonk badonkadonk.

I am simply speechless.