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Game 22 Final: SA 90 @ MIN 88

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That was definitely one of the better games of the season, with even some "playoff atmosphere" in the closing minutes. Random thoughts and somewhat meaningful notes:

-KG was an absolute beast on both ends of the court: 24 PTS on 19 FGA, 21 REB, 6 AST and 4 BLK. MIN began the game with Olowokandi guarding Duncan but KG took the duty down the stretch, playing Tim very physically and limiting him to 3 PTS (0-1, 3-6) in the fourth. Tim wasn't at his best, shooting 33% from the field and having less PTS than FGA for only the 3rd time this season (the other 2 being losses to WAS and ATL). After the game Finley and KG had a long talk at center court with Michael doing most of the talking. The camera was on them the whole time, for about 30 seconds, but unfortunately I cannot read lips. There was no apparent animosity and they concluded their pow wow with the typical hand-clasp-into-a-hug move.

-Timmeh and Szczerbiak also had some words in the fourth but I do not know exactly what happened. Tim was under the basket questioning a foul call and the next thing you know he's looking at Wally and saying "Who the fuck you talking to?" Yes, I'm sure it was Tim Duncan.

-MIN had numerous chances to tie the game with KG missing a fall-away 10 footer which led to multiple offensive rebounds for the TWolves. Jaric ended up at the line and made only 1 of 2 attempts. Finley then made 1 of 2 with 5 seconds to go and MIN out of timeouts. The game ended with an air-balled Troy Hudson fall away 15-footer over Duncan.

-Finley had another big game, going for 21 on 13 FGA including a big 3 late in the game. Is it just me or does Finley's game now strongly resemble Rip Hamilton's?

I'll have some more comments tomorrow.