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Game 5 Open Thread: SA @ Charlotte Bobcats

Tonight the Spurs face a team stricken with a horrible nickname, horrible uniforms and Jake Voskuhl. Game time is 6:30 central.

Starting lineups:

SA (3-1,1-1 away)
PG Tony Parker
SG Manu Ginobili
SF Bruce Bowen
PF Tim Duncan
C Rasho Nesterovic

CHA (2-2, 1-1 home)
PG Brevin "Kangaroo Molester" Knight
SG Kareem Rush
SF Gerald Wallace
PF Emeka Okafor
C Primoz Brezec

I like Primoz. Mainly because you could reverse his name and few people (in this country at least) would question it. Brezec Primoz sounds just as good. Ming Yao. Sabonis Arvydas. It's a short list.

CHA, apparently more concerned with attendance than winning, drafted two local products in the 2005 draft, Raymond Felton and Sean May. Booooring.

Sean May apparently thinks he's this year's version of Ben Gordon; he's averaging a FGA every 1.6 minutes. Allen Iverson's career rate is a FGA every 1.8 minutes. Wow. Sean May is only shooting 40%, too. He needs to use those "soft hands" for more passing and less shooting. (Yes, I know it's only 4 games into his career. But it's Charlotte people; what the hell else am I going to write about?)

Brent Barry is out for at least a week with something similar to back spasms. [Update: Michael Finley is also not playing due to a groin injury. The Spurs signed former preseason fodder Melvin Sanders to fill out the quickly dwindling ranks of SG/SF.]

Tonight's line: Spurs -8.5
My pick: Spurs
SA is 3-1 ATS this year with an average margin of +1.5. I am 1-3.

This is an open thread. Leaving comments prevents kidney stones. So unless you want stones slowly traveling down your urethra I suggest you get crackin'.