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Game 3 Final: SA 84 @ DAL 103

Note: I am basically rewriting what I wrote (and lost) Monday afternoon, before the CHI game.

My thoughts regarding Saturday's game:

-The Spurs lost! Fire Pop! The sky is falling!

-The Sickness' play has been downright sickly this season. He's currently shooting 30% from the field. This is a guy that shot 51% during the playoffs last year. He must have one hell of a thigh bruise.

-Michael Finley received a nice standing ovation when he came into the game in the first quarter. If I didn't have a black hole where my heart should be I would have been touched. He did his best to appease the fans, going 1-6. I cringe every time he takes a contested 20 foot jumper with 15 seconds left on the shot clock. That shot is like a $75 blow job from a crack whore; you can get it any time you want it.

-DAL PG Devin Harris made Nick Van Exel look slow-footed during the second half. This is mainly due to Nick Van Exel being slow-footed. Tony Parker is going to rack up some serious playing time in the playoffs considering Nick's inability to stay in front of a glacier and Beno Udrih's dribbling yips.

-How the hell did Dirk Nowitzki wind up with about 5 wide open 3s? My sources report tell me he's a good shooter. Hmm. Maybe the Spurs are using a different internet.

-Josh Howard went 29th in the 2003 NBA draft. The Spurs had the 28th pick, which they used on Leandrinho Barbosa. They promptly traded him to PHX for a future 1st rounder. The Spurs obviously have a phenomenal draft record, but Howard would have been a great successor to Bruce Bowen.

-Getting blown out by one of your biggest conference rivals is a cause for mild concern at this point. The two teams meet again in DAL on December 1st. Let's reserve judgment regarding the matchup until then.

-Tim Duncan's Afro is a smooth talker.