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Game 4 Open Thread: SA @ Chicago Bulls

I will post my game 3 comments tonight. I had them almost done when I decided to make them disappear using some combination of the CTRL, Windows and Insert buttons. I am especially skilled at losing posts.

The Spurs try to snap their absolutely unacceptable one-game losing skid against the Chicago Bulls. Game time is 7:30 central.

Starting lineups:

SA (2-1,0-1 away)
PG Tony Parker
SG Manu Ginobili
SF Bruce Bowen
PF Tim Duncan
C Rasho Nesterovic

CHI (1-1, 1-0 home)
PG Chris Duhon
SG Kirk Hinrich
SF Andres Nocioni
PF Darius Songaila
C Tyson Chandler

CHI has an interesting team. Their starting guards, Duhon and Hinrich, both shoot under 40% for their careers. At one point last year I predicted Duhon would soon be in the Turkish League. Well, the Bulls, apparently not valuing my insite, signed Duhon to a 3 year deal worth $9 million. Dan Rosenbaum has him as one of the best defensive PGs in the league and therefore a viable asset; especially when your other starting guard is Kirk Hinrich. Whom I assume is a bad defender because:

A) He's white.
B) He shoots a lot.

I mean, come on, Jason Kapono fits that criteria and I know he sucks at the defense. Q.E. to the motherfucking D. bitches!

Tonight's line: SA -5
My pick: SA
SA is 2-1 ATS this year with an average margin of +0.7. I am 0-3! Ride my coattails to moral and financial bankruptcy!

This is an open thread. If ten different people leave a comment I will bring cupcakes to the next open thread. CUPCAKES PEOPLE.