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Game 3 Open Thread: SA @ Dallas Mavericks

(My recap of game 2 is below).

Tonight the Spurs begin a lovely 5 game road trip in Dallas. Game time is 7:30 central.

Starting lineups:

SA (2-0,0-0 away)
PG Tony Parker
SG Manu Ginobili
SF Bruce Bowen
PF Tim Duncan
C Rasho Nesterovic

DAL (1-1, 0-0 home)
PG Jason Terry
SG Doug Christie
SF Josh Howard
PF Dirk Nowitzki
C Erick Dampier

Michael Finley makes his first return to American Airlines Arena in what is probably going to be just another NBA basketball game. Seriously, how often does a guy go back to his former team's house and do anything spectacular?

DAL added Doug Christie this past offseason, which definitely qualifies as subtraction by addition. The guy is 35 and WASHED up. Marquis Daniels should start in his place; I don't care how much pot the guy is smoking.

Look for TP to have another big game. Jason Terry is not a plus defender and the Mavericks' lone inside presence, Erick Dampier, will undoubtedly have two fouls in the first six minutes. That's just what he do.

Tonight's line: SA -1.5
My pick: SA
SA is one 2-0 ATS this year with an average margin of 11.2. I am 0-2.

This is an open thread. For every comment left an endangered snapping turtle will find it's way out of a dangerous fishing net. Think of the turtles people!