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Chris Sheridan, the new guy at, had the following to say about the Kevin Garnett trade rumors:

One source told that the New York Knicks had made Minnesota an offer that included the expiring contracts of Penny Hardaway ($15.7 million) and Antonio Davis ($13.9 million). But for such a trade to work under salary cap rules, the Knicks would also have to take back Sczcerbiak. While that deal would be stunningly lopsided talent-wise, it would relieve the Wolves of $102 million in salary obligations over the next three seasons, allowing them to enter the 2006 offseason with approximately $25 million of cap space.

I hope MIN trades KG (for his sake), but the above deal is ludicrous. Trading KG for the main purpose of acquiring cap space is asinine, mainly because due to the way the CBA is structured you'll never acquire a top 10 player with cap space. The LeBrons, KGs and Timmehs of the world maximize their contractual value by signing with their current teams, which will ALWAYS give them max deals. Hell, even Michael Redd got a max deal last year. All cap space gives you is the ability to overpay for guys like Joe Johnson.

If Isiah Thomas was smart he would say the following to McHale: "Look Kevin, if you trade me Garnett you can have any combination of players, cash and draft picks allowed under the CBA. I will take back any additional contracts you want. I will bail you out of bad personal investments and mow your lawn."

In other news, the second edition of the biweekly YAYsports! NBA Blogosphere Poll Rankings is out. The title pretty much says it all.

I am one of the 25 or so participants; you can look up individual blog rankings if you like.

This leads right into a quick rant about the LA Clippers, ranked 6th in the overall poll and 13th in mine. Yes, I know they are 8-2 but this early in the season you have to go beyond record. Let's take a look at the Clippers schedule.

@ SEA by 8
ATL by 15
MIN by 1 (OT)
@ WAS by 5
@ ATL by 7
MIL by 24
@ LA by 6
GS by 12

@ MIN by 15
@ PHI by 5

They haven't exactly beaten the cream of the crop. In fact, they've only beaten one team I have ranked ahead of them. That's MIN, who they promptly lost to the next time out. Here's their upcoming schedule:


Over the next couple weeks we'll gut a much clearer picture of the true quality of the Clippers.