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Game 1 Final: DEN 91 @ SA 102

The Spurs undoubtedly have the WORST PA announcer in the league. I know he has a long history with the Spurs but come on. He sounds like a pantless 75 year old man who's trying to fight off a cat that's taking swipes at his balls.

That was some national anthem. The saxaphone player held the "freeeeeee" note for about 60 seconds, prompting da Blade to remark "I think he can whistle out his ass." And it's funny, because he even looked like an ass whistler.

I am really glad the whole world got to see Mike Budenholzer get his ring. He is a very underappreciated part of the Spurs success. Well, I don't know what he actually does, but I am sure it is important.

Brent Barry planted a kiss firmly on David Stern's cheek during the ring ceremony. Stern was smiling on the outside. On the inside? Plotting. Scheming. Contemplating how Michael Corleone would handle the situation.


My thoughts regarding tonight's game:

-The obvious primary talking point is Michael Finley, who came off the bench for 16 points on only 10 FGA. 11 of his point came in the fourth quarter when the Spurs outscored DEN by 14 points. He looked relaxed and confident, which is how I felt every time he shot the ball. What a luxury; to be able to bring a guy off the bench who you don't mind taking big shots as the game winds down.

-Van Exel's first points as a Spur were quintessential Nick; draining a cold-blooded three over Marcus Camby. That was definitely the highlight of his night; he had a lot of trouble staying in front of Earl Boykins. The same goes for most point guards, but Nick's defensive shortcomings will in part ensure that Parker leads the team in minutes played.

-Speaking of Boykins, did anybody notice Steve Kerr say he was "one of the best shooters in the league." What? He's a career 42% shooter; 33% from three. Whatever. Announcers love to heap praise on the guy. Everybody loves a story.

-Oberto often looked lost on the offensive end, which is to be somewhat expected of course. He showed a good activity level and managed 6 points without having any plays ran for him.

-Tim's afro is absolutely resplendent. It can heal the sick and serves as a surprisingly accurate moral compass. The official scorer credited Tim's afro with 3 of his 10 rebounds.

-Listen Kenyon. You probably mean well. But if you keep acting like an absolute ass on the court I will be forced to keep reminding you about something. 3-23 in Game 6 of the 2003 NBA Finals. It keeps you up at night, doesn't it? Haunts you. Gnaws at your confidence. There there. Let it out. It's not your fault.

-This Carmelo kid has potential.

-I hope to see Nene back on the court soon.

-DEN is going to win a lot of games this year. But once you get to the playoffs it's a lot harder to get by when you have glaring weaknesses. Such as the near total lack of a half-court offense. They either isolate 'Melo on the block or let Boykins run around until he feels like shooting. And even if Anthony was a good passer they only got one guy who shoots a good percentage from 3; Voshon Lenard, a huge defensive liability.

-Horry and Timmeh wrestled for the final rebound. Man, this team sure is wound tight.

-Overall a great start to the season. There's a lot to be excited about as a Spurs fan. But we should keep in mind that the next 81 games are just a warm up for the real season. 60 something wins won't mean squat if we don't get 16 during the playoffs.