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Game 5 Final: SA 94 @ CHA 86

My thoughts on Wednesday's game:

-It was not a good night for CHA rookies. Sean May played 10 minutes and went 0-4, one of those misses coming on a 20 foot jumper. Sean Elliott was extremely proud of the discovery that the former SF is actually taller than Mr. May, who is apparently about 6'-7". He'll be lucky to have the career path of Malik Rose. Raymond Felton, the other Tar Heel draftee, was called for an offensive foul whilst being guarded by Beno Udrih. I referenced by Webster's Voodoo Handbook and learned that's not a good omen.

-Fabricio Oberto has to be averaging an offensive/loose ball foul every 4 minutes.

-I have a noticed a disturbing development. Tony Parking has taken a page out of the Kobe Bryant handbook. (And no, I am NOT going to make that joke. Even I have boundaries.) On multiple occasions he screamed "Ohhh!" while attempting a layup. Does that ever work?

-Tony got playfully upset with Pop for signalling a time out right as Parker was catching the CHA defense sleeping (similar to the play he pulled off in overtime against CHI). Pop was offended at the public display of displeasure and put Parker in a vicious Soviet sleeper hold and followed it up with the first ever blood-drawing noogie. Eva Longoria, visibly upset, ran screaming into the tunnel. She was quickly followed by Tim Duncan's Afro who did it's best to "console" her. If you know what I'm saying.

-A Sickness sighting! He split a double team and slipped a nifty behind-the-back pass to Bowen for an open 3. It damn near brought a tear to my eye.

-The Bobcats made it close at the end thanks to some good defense. Emeka Okafor had a great block of an attempted dunk from Duncan, but Parker closed out the game with a ridiculous Englished layup around the outstretched arms of Emeka.

-Lastly, Brevin Knight still plays like a whiny bitch. I say this knowing full well he could beat the ever living shit out of me.