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Game 1: Denver Nuggets @ SA

It seems like Game 7 happened yesterday. I can still clearly picture Bowen blocking Chauncey, Duncan's drive across the lane and the kickout to Bruce, Nazr's block of Big Ben, Ginobili knifing down the lane for two huge dunks... well the celebration is officially over. Tonight the Spurs begin their quest for the elusive back to back NBA titles.

The much ballyhooed Nuggets come to town; presumably with their first round trouncing still fresh in their minds. Their biggest offseason acquisition was PG Earl Watson, a guy known across the league as an excellent defender. This gives DEN three PGs, the other two being Andre Miller and Earl Boykins. All three are too short to guard SGs and none of them are particularly good at the long ball. Which means they have about $16.2 million (about 30% of total payroll) locked up in one position. Which means somebody gonna get traded.

The TNT coverage starts at 7 p.m. central time and will include the Spurs getting their championship rings. I presume mine is in the mail.

Starting lineups:

PG Andre Miller
SG Voshon Lenard
SF Carmelo Anthony
PF Kenyon Martin
C Marcus Camby

PG The Wee Frenchman
SG The Sickness
SF Bruce Bowen
PF Timmeh!
C The Solid Slovenian

Ginobili may not play tonight. Somebody (I am looking at you Finley) kneed him in the thigh during a recent practice. The injury is nothing serious but Pop is not one to take chances. Finley or Barry would start in his place. Rasho is starting because Nazr has been away from the team due to his wife recently giving birth. Mohammed will suit up and play.

The Spurs are 7 point favorites. My pick: DEN.

This is an "open thread." Feel free to make comments regarding the game. For some games I will make comments in real time; assuming I ever get a laptop.