The Over-invested Fan

The team that outlasted them all

The Spurs have weathered Miami's Big Three, the Seven Seconds or Less Suns, the rough-and-tumble Pistons and two incarnations of the Los Angeles Lakers in winning five championships over the past...

Planning the Spurs' Championship DVD


First, the Spurs need to hire a gospel choir. -- Ever think Tim Duncan has stuck around so long because he's launching Skynet? -- The NBA draft is an excuse to watch the world burn. -- Rooting...

Saying goodbye to the worst Spurs playoff losses


The 2014 championship kissed years of painful playoff exits goodbye. None shall weep, every tear hath been wiped from the eyes of Spurs fans now that all has been made right. Here's one last look...

An over-invested Spurs fan's tale


How one man came back to the sport and team he loved by learning how to enjoy the game -- win or lose.

A game to remember: Part One


Part one of this series re-examines Game 3 of the Spurs and Hornets series in 2008, when the Spurs got a victory back in San Antonio. T-Young compares Pop's coaching moves to his mediocre dance...

Is being a fan worth the pain?


A lifelong Spurs fan wrestles with several hard questions in the aftermath of the Spurs' near-championship.

Are you not entertained!?


In the face of Heat-centric media focus, the Spurs play the part of Maximus, bent on exacting timely revenge against their foe.

San Antonio's timely shots cooled the Heat


At the end of each quarter in game one of the Finals, the Spurs were able to come up with a timely bucket. Through the first three quarters, these shots provided momentum kept the game close; in...

Dreams Come True

The Only thing I have loved since childhood besides my parents and dogs are the San Antonio Spurs. They've made me laugh, made me cry, caused me to put holes in walls and provided some of my...

Life is Full of Possibilities

Up 2-0, the Spurs seem to be sitting pretty against the Memphis Grizzlies, but this series still seems like it could go so many different ways. Here's an examination of all the paths the series...


Matt Bonner makes good

In 2011, Matt Bonner hit two heroic late threes in Game One against Memphis, but they were only to be forgotten after the Spurs gave up the game. In game one this year, Bonner got to take off like...

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