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Hardwood Paroxysm: All is Well When We Work (About Tiago)


Just an excerpt: Splitter is playing with confidence making plays that toe the line between "Finally! This is what we’ve been waiting for," and "Wait, I had no idea he could do that." Good description of how I've felt about it.

CORRECTION: Splitter signs with Power Electronics Valencia of ACB, Eurocup


CORRECTION: It seems that we jumped the gun yesterday. Oops. Eurocup.com has the story, linked above. Nando De Colo will be one of Tiago's new teammates. I'm glad he's going to be playing during the lost NBA season. Your turn, Manu.

ESPN's Mike Wilbon on Splitter


submitted the question and received the answer.

BDL/Dwyer: What Happened to Tiago Splitter?


Great, now even BDL is talking about Splittergate.

48MoH: Tiago Splitter, world-class defender


Man, I wish I could have watched last night's game. Great writeup from Tim V. We agree on first names, and on what Tiago's primary mission is for this team.

McDonald: Let the Splitter Era Begin


Tiago's playing against the Clippers tonight. Yay?

Splitter waiting on an offer from Spurs


I was going to let Google translate this, but I couldn't even understand what it was saying in English, so if somebody want's to translate, that'd be great.

Spurs to play exhibition game vs. Caja Laboral October 16th


If Tiago's with us, that game is going to be really awkward.

www.WeNeedTiago.com makes news in Brazil


This is 100% pure awesome.

Caja Laboral team president believes Splitter will play for Spurs next year


At Spurstalk, abmiralsnackbar offers this translation: Josean Querejeta, the president of Saski Baskonia as taken the departure of T. Splitter to the San Antonio Spurs next season as "something normal." Querejeta has explained during the ceremony delivering the Championship watches [instead of rings, evidently] to the players of Caja that Splitter's progress and growth as a player leads him "compete in the best league in the world", and that it is his "goal and dream." The president went on to say he is "aware" of the player's wishes to embark on the American adventure, although "there is, as yet, no confirmation," of this next step. Although Tiago's farewell has yet to become official, Querejeta has already assumed Splitter will be absent from next season's campaign while at the same time thinking him "irreplaceable" as a player who has, from his arrival to the team, become the "dominant center," of the European scene. He assumes it to be a certainty that Splitter will exercise his player's option to begin his NBA adventure with the Spurs, who have his rights. I hope this guy is right.

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