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Charles "I attack women's weight on TV" Barkley

"There are some big ole women down there... that's a gold mine for weight watchers...Victoria's definitely a secret, they can't wear no Victoria's down there... they wear big old bloomers......


Boris Diaw's emergence as a catch-and-shoot player

Indian gurus might know more about down screens and jump-shooting than we ever suspected.


People talk about Lebron's Potential - Let's talk about Duncan's Greatness!!

http://thesportsdegos.com/2013/06/06/duncan-doesnt-attract-the-attention-like-lebron-but-deserves-all-the-hype/ We hear waaaay too much about Lebron's potential and how many rings he WILL win....

Game Preview: Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio Spurs - Cha-cha-cha changes

The Clippers come to San Antonio Wednesday night, looking to reverse a history as one-sided as it gets in the NBA. Pounding the Rock previews the game for the Spurs.

SN: San Antonio ranks #1


That's right. San Antonio is the best basketball city in the NBA. This is a fun little distraction in the midst of a very slow time in basketball. Good stuff by Tim Griffin.

POLL: Which is the NBA's best team?


NBA.com poll- Choices are Boston, San Antonio, Dallas, and other. Currently San Antonio is not last but not first either.

@ProjectSpurs: Pop's Challenge


Nice article with suggestions that might help turn things around for SA.


Mr. Parker

After ripping Tony Parker for his lack of quality the last few games I would like to congratulate him on a very very nice game against the hapless Mavs.  He started off by getting points and he...


Game Thread #31: Vs. Bucks

This will be my final game thread for a while, because I'm going away for New Year and ATS is back. Hopefully the Spurs won't let me down, since I've previewed nothing but wins so far. Then again,...


Game Thread #30: Vs. Grizzlies

So we got our Christmas Miracle after all. Once again, in Mason we trust. You'll have to excuse the half-assed preview, but I'm out of town at a cybercafe and it's 5 AM. I promise to do a proper...

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