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2014 Spurs-Blazers Preview: Is this series a reversal of the 1990 playoff matchup?

These teams met in the 1990 Western Conference Semi-Finals in what turned out to be a hotly contested back-and-forth 7 game series with each team dominating on their home floor. The Blazers won...


Patience, avoiding Nikola Pekovic will be key

14-10-2, 7-13 FGM-A, 5 PF (I had to add that in here because it makes me feel better), +11. Nikola Pekovic did this? Excuse me for a second while I position myself in the corner while I cry myself...


Playoff / Offseason Thoughts

I have been watching the Houston/LA series with some great interest.  I think these are the two teams that we really have to worry about in the West for the next year or two.  While Denver is...


A Look to a Bright Future

Bleh.  What an awful end to the season.  Although, as bummed as I am I can't help to think that there's some good that has come out of these '08-'09 playoffs and season.  I am going pontificate...


To Fan or not to Fan

There has been some discussion about whether or not it would be better for the Spurs to go ahead and lose tomorrow night or to try and win out and make a run.  I think Stampler made a good point h...


1st Year

I've seen this sentiment posted around several times recently and I thought I'd put it in a fanpost. I don't remember when exactly I became a Spurs fan, it was because of David Robinson. My...


Year in Review