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JT's Hoops Blog's 2012/2013 NBA Worst to First Previews and Predictions: 9. San Antonio Spurs


Instead of moving forward, it seems as if San Antonio is trying to turn back the clock thinking that they still have a shot at another NBA title with Duncan back. Unfortunately that is farther from the truth as San Antonio already proved in the last three seasons that its window of opportunity to win a title had all but closed. Instead of giving the organization a sense of closure, last season phenomenal playoff performance actually has done the opposite giving management a false sense of hope with the delusion that they can still do it again. Last season was probably the best that San Antonio could have ever done and with a core of players whose average age is 34 years old, it seems that the only place the Spurs will be going is down. Although that is not to say that the Spurs will just collapse all of a sudden—they will still continue to win 50 or more games for years to come; however, by signing Duncan they did themselves a disservice as they essentially mortgaged their future on his aging and war weary shoulders. And it is such a letdown considering the fact that the Spurs have a group of young and up and coming player ready willing and able to be handed the baton.

One trade that will make the Spurs better.

San Antonio Gets Paul Milsap Future Second Round Pick Utah gets Stephen Jackson DeJuan Blair Gary Neal International Rights Future First Round Pick Why the Spurs would make this deal ? They finally will get their BIG. Why the Jazz would make this deal ? They have plenty of bigs to replace milsap in Favors, Kantes. All the contracts they get are only for one year. They get a pure shooter in Neal, which they really need. They get Blair also who will nicely fit into their lineup. Capt Jack is only problem but they might want his leadership and the fact that he has only 1 year left in his contract might help. Dennis Lindsay, new GM Utah Jazz, was a former PATFO.

Grantland: Steve Kerr on NBA age limit


"When Kentucky won John Calipari's first national championship earlier this year, it spawned a fierce debate in basketball circles about the NBA's age requirement. Some believe the league should raise it from 19 to 20 years old; others believe it should remain the same; a third faction wants to restore the old rule (which allowed prospects to join the NBA straight out of high school); and there's even momentum for adopting baseball's stance, which allows high schoolers to enter the draft right away OR commit to three years of college before becoming draft-eligible again." This is an interesting article. Worth checking out.

West Has Been Clutch From the Line


I was looking around NBA.com, and I found this cool little fact about Tony Parker in crunch time. Check it out.

A traitor in ESPN's ranks


Some Tim Keown lovin'. To all those who've declared a Kobe vs. LeBron final even before these playoffs started, suck it. At least until it actually happens.

Bill Walton-isms


Kelly Dwyer from BDL says that he misses Bill Walton in these playoffs. I find Walton a funny idiot so I thought I'd search for his killer lines and got this 9-page thread. He could've said, "Throw it down, young George Hill... throw it down" or "Throw it down, Pops". Oh, wait. He's not a Spur anymore.

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