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Howard Beck breaks down NBA's latest offer to players


No D-League demotions with paycuts, no losing Bird rights... the players do have other legit gripes with it, though.

Owners drop hard cap requirement, propse harsher over-cap penalties instead [UPDATE]


And the glacial pace of "negotiations" continues. From Ken Berger at CBS Sports: There is a feeling among two people who have been briefed on the talks that the owners will come forward Wednesday with an enhanced version of the concepts proposed Tuesday. According to the sources, among the additions could be a proposed 50-50 revenue split, which to this point the league has not reached in terms of the players' average share over the life of a new CBA in its previous proposals. As for the system changes the owners proposed Tuesday in exchange for relaxing their stance on the hard team salary cap, one of the people briefed on the talks said union officials regarded them as "alarming." UPDATE: Chris Sheridan is reporting on one of the proposals coming from the owners with regards to penalties under the "harder" cap: SheridanHoops.com has learned that the owners have proposed four different levels of the luxury tax, with the tax increasing from a dollar-for-dollar levy on teams slightly above the luxury tax threshold (which was $70.307 million last season, when the Lakers, Magic and Mavericks were reportedly the only tax-paying teams), up to a 4-to-1 tax for teams that go more than $10-15 million over the threshold. There are also separate triggers for a 2-to-1 tax and a 3-to-1 tax.

ESPN LA: Rift among owners caused recent bargaining meetings to fail


Here's my favorite part: Commissioner David Stern and Peter Holt, the head of the owners' executive committee, felt that the players' proposal to take 52 or 53 percent of basketball-related income, compared to 57 under the previous agreement, was basically fair, sources said. So Peter Holt, as expected, is a reasonable man. On the other hand... But when the owners left the players to meet among themselves for around three hours, Cleveland's Dan Gilbert and Phoenix's Robert Sarver expressed their dissatisfaction with many of the points, sources said. The sources said that the Knicks' James Dolan and the Lakers' Jerry Buss were visibly annoyed by the hardline demands of Gilbert and Sarver. How did I know that Sarver was behind this?

Mason: Season "absolutely" in jeapordy


Ben Golliver of blazersedge and CBS Sports has the first writeup on an interview that former Spur Roger Mason, Jr gave to some members of the media gathered in Las Vegas today. "I think there was a false sense of optimism leading into yesterday's meetings," Mason said. "That was a little tough because once we went to the meeting yesterday it was really more of the same. The NBA and the owners want to change the system and they also want to make economic changes. We understand the landscape that the world is different so we're willing to sacrifice and give money back. But a system with a hard cap is something we don't want to do." Jeff McDonald also tweeted that Mason's accidental tweet last week that read "looking like a season" was actually meant to be a direct message response to someone asking how long the lockout would last. McDonald is also in Vegas covering the Impact Basketball "lockout league" for the SA Express-News(follow @JMcDonald_SAEN for updated on Anderson and Leonard).

NBA Files Suit Against Players Association


Guess I should start working on that Euroleague preview. This lockout is getting nasty.

Woj: Besiktas (Turkish team that signed Deron Williams) to make offer to Kobe


Seems crazy, right? Especially for a team that has faced past accusations of not paying its players. However, it sounds like the issues Besiktas has had in the past won't be a problem, since they're having sponsors pay for the contracts of the NBA'ers they're bringing aboard. And a team with D-Will, Pachulia and Kobe would absolutely decimate every other club competing in EuroCup(imagine Nando DeColo trying to guard Kobe, lol). Now, will any teams in the higher-level Euroleague competition step up and start making offers to NBA guys?

Monroe: Owners to retract all "concessions" once lockout begins, demand $45M hard cap


Snippet from the article: Here’s the truly bad news: Once the lockout begins, the standoff is going to get nastier. According to NBA executives familiar with the league’s strategies, once the lockout is in place, the owners will push for a hard salary cap of $45 million, the elimination of guaranteed contracts and ask that the players swallow a 33 percent salary cut. The concessions made in recent weeks, including the "flex cap" of $62 million and a guarantee of $2 billion in annual player payroll, will be off the table. Uh, this is bad. Very bad.

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