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James Anderson earns Atlanta Hawks training camp invite

San Antonio Spurs guard James Anderson receives training camp invite from Atlanta Hawks

ST: Ramifications of the James Anderson decision


Notably, the deadline for the Spurs to pick up James Anderson's third-year option passed yesterday with no announcement from the team. Previously, when the Spurs picked up team options on their existing players, there would always be a press release from the team stating as much. With apologies to CapHill, this is a strong indicator that &derson will not be in a Spurs uniform next season. This link is to a nice writeup by the owner of SpursTalk regarding the Spurs' summer plans, and an explanation of why the Spurs may have decided not to keep James.

James Anderson is missing from the Toros lineup, but the Toros on at Noon


You could be watching James Anderson and the Austin Toros play New Mexico at Noon Spurs time, but James is not at the game and not on the Toro's lineup today. What could this mean?

Project Spurs: Q & A With James Anderson


Good info for those of us trying to find out all we can about &erson's return to the court.

Watch James Anderson in action tonight!


TONIGHT - January 27, 2011 @ 7:30pm CST Watch the NBA D-League Western Conference Austin Toros with James Anderson and Marcus Cousin play the Western Conference New Mexico Thunderbirds. This will be a great chance for Spurs fans to see James Anderson in action during his second game of a recovery stint on the Spurs Austin D-League affiliate Toros. Follow the link to the 'Schedules' page, find the date and teams (near the top) and then click on the "Futurecast" link in the Broadcast column. The link is here.

SN: Anderson shooting for February return.


"If anything, we’ll go longer than what probably would be indicated, just to make sure," Popovich said. "Right now we’re looking at into the beginning of February, probably, before we see him out there."

Pop's interview from today's practice


You might notice a certain James Anderson doing some shooting drills in the background.

James Anderson Ranks 8


What do you think about this? What about tiago splitter?


Junction City Is Proud of James Anderson - @Kevin_Payne

Hey guys, this is Kevin Payne of the St. Louis Rams, and I just wanna give a huge shout out to my boy, James Anderson.  He was the shooting guard for Oklahoma State, and now he’s a San Antonio...

FSSW: Spurs strike gold in draft


The main reason I'm sharing this is because this guy from Fox Sports SOUTHWEST (a network that airs a ton of Spurs games) called DeJaun Blair, Joseph Blair. Really? Really?

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