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Blair released by Russian team


Apparently, Krasnye Krylya only wanted DeJuan to help them qualify for Russia's main league and Eurochallenge. Now he's free to sign somewhere else. I can think of a French point guard familiar with his skills who might want to have him as a teammate. Take the hint, Tony

UPDATED: DeJuan Blair will play for Russian team


Woj doesn't specify a team, but I'd imagine it almost has to be CSKA or Khimki. This would seem to be a positive development for those worried about Beast's physical fitness after last year's infamous weight gain/benching. Update: Krasnye Krylya is the team. Definitely not on my radar. We'll try to have regular international updates while the lockout is in place, but getting info for this team might be a bit difficult.

McDonald: Spurs' shot doctor working with Blair

Popovich continues to be enamored with what Blair is producing on the court. He said before Tuesday’s game he is considering reinserting Blair in the starting lineup at some point. "If the coach had any brains, he’d be playing him more," Popovich said. "The guy is like a stat machine." Chip's got his work cut out for him on the Beast's free throws.

McDonald: Popovich Discovering Beauty of "The Beast"


Apparently Jeff is smitten with Blair as much as we are. He even calls him The Beast.

McDonald: Blair as Tim Duncan


Blair is getting the (rookie)Duncan treatment from the Spurs coaching staff. So, what are the results of this approach? See for yourself.

DeJuan Blair Facts


Samr over at SpursTalk created this site. The awesomeness was just begging to be shared.

Spurs.com Training Camp Videos


Get your training camp video fix. Ian, Dejuan, and a look at the Spurs's practice from today(the main link above). Ian Mahinmi: [link] Dejuan Blair: [link]

Videos From Day 1 of Training Camp


Got these at Spurs.com. The main link above is an interview with Antonio McDyess. Her's Dejuan Blair: http://www.nba.com/spurs/multimedia/090929_blair.html

McDonald: Mahinmi Gets Best of Thabeet


Sounds like Yawn had some inside info on how to Bust Thabeet. Instead, Blair sat out the second night of a back-to-back. He left Thabeet-busting duties to Mahinmi. Blair did give Mahinmi some advice. "He told me to go at him and get into his chest," Mahinmi said. "He likes to jump, so pump-fake and all that. It was good advice."

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